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                  About us

                  Baoji lida new material development co., LTD. Is located in baoji city, shaanxi province.

                  Mainly engaged in the production of rare metal materials mainly titanium and nickel, various kinds of metal composite board, compound tube, non-standard equipment production, processing and manufacturing.

                  Products involved in pressure vessels, chemical machinery, petroleum, petrochemical, fine chemical industry, environmental protection equipment, MVR, evaporation equipment, chlor-alkali and soda ash, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, metallurgy, smelting, electroplating, electrolysis, salt and other industries, more than five hundred specifications of the products.

                  By science and technology department of shaanxi province identified as high-tech enterprises, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, "composite stainless steel seamless pipe" in 2010 won the certificate in shaanxi province and technological achievements in 2011 attains the baoji technology bureau, city federation of trade unions "staff economic and technical innovation for outstanding achievement", and by the financial department for "AAA" credit enterprise.
                  The company has a perfect quality management system.

                  Have a young, vigorous, innovative team.
                  The sound production, quality, sales, logistics and other departments have ensured the orderly operation of each system, due diligence, and considerate service.
                  There are more than 80 employees, including 18 senior engineers, and the production base covers more than 3,000 square meters.It covers an area of ten mu.

                  Three tons of the main equipment in vacuum since the electricity arc furnace, 3000 tons of hydraulic press, 5 tons crane 3 units, argon arc welding machine 10 sets, water cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, automatic welding machine, roller frame 2 sets each, shearing machine, roll machine, roll machine 1 units, X-ray flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector test equipment such as several machines and other advanced equipment fully meet the market for all kinds of metal materials processing, manufacturing, inspection requirements.

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